Can I know Jesus?

If you could sit next to Jesus and speak face to face, would you want to?


Many see God as a distant Father in the clouds. It’s easy to assume he’s too busy to notice the small details of our lives. Why would he care if bills are due or if our mental health is suffering? Wouldn’t heartbreak be an inconvenience to him?


You are not an inconvenience or an afterthought to God. Faced with humanity’s brokenness, knowing every way we would turn from him, God left his heavenly throne and descended into our mess. He came as a little child so we would feel safe approaching him. He made himself small in order to sit with us in our woundedness.

The bold truth is this: You are loved by God. Perhaps you’ve heard the line so many times that it sounds silly. But the love of God isn’t abstract. Love compelled him to take your worst mistakes on his own shoulders. When he hung on the cross, he was thinking of you. When he rose from the grave, he conquered your sin.

Jesus desires a personal relationship with you. He is intimately concerned with the details of your life, not in order to control you, but to love you through the good and the bad. He won’t force a relationship. He waits for your response. 


Sure, you may have doubts. You’ll struggle with teachings and mysteries. But if you’ve felt a stirring in your heart, know that is Jesus calling. He is the only thing that can truly satisfy the longing of your heart.  

Will you respond?  

Jesus, I hear your call.

I may have fears and doubts, but I hear you.

Reveal your love to me.

I invite you into my life.