Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall

Mission and Discipleship Coordinator


St. George’s Parish is seeking to fill the newly-created position of Mission and Discipleship Coordinator, assisting the pastor in his ministry of leadership, with an emphasis on parish renewal and evangelization.

This full-time position focuses on catechetical and discipleship initiatives, including communications and digital outreach.

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Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest and a CV by September 23, 2023 to 


Position Description

Overview, Purpose, and Goals:

The Mission and Discipleship Coordinator (MDC) focuses on two objectives:

  1. The MDC spearheads and coordinates evangelization efforts. This goal concerns the apostolic nature of our Catholic Parish as a whole. The MDC prioritizes the goal of conversion of those who do not know Christ, or do not know Him well (New Evangelization). The MDC focuses on inviting people to intentionally choose to enter into the Christian life (proclamation of the Kerygma/Gospel).
  2. The MDC helps develop, coordinate and execute strategies to form discipleship who are in the early stages of their journey in faith. This meets the need for introduction and growth in a disciple’s life of holiness and mission. This may involve introductory or advanced catechesis and instruction in how to share the Gospel, as well as instruction on the sacramental life, basic virtues, and our mission to proclaim the Gospel. 

In pursuing both goals, the work of the MDC results in real growth of St. George’s, and involves the accompaniment and formation of leaders, as well as cooperation with families, other parishes, Catholic schools, the archdiocese, and other communities.


Participant Groups:

  • Disciples who are new to the faith
  • Parishioners who identify a need for basic instruction in faith (including young adults and parents seeking sacraments for their children). 
  • Parish leaders
  • Those who are seeking
  • Visitors and those who are irreligious



  • To lead leaders who invite people to become intentional disciples of Christ. 
  • To form parishioners and parish leaders through processes, programs, and structures that foster the genuine growth of St. George’s, e.g.:
    • Alpha Sessions
    • CCO Discovery Studies
    • Summit Nights
    • Praise and worship/adoration evenings
    • Testimony sharing at Parish events
  • To walk with people in their Christian journey, and provide opportunities to form them as more mature sons and daughters of God.
  • To aid in cultivating people’s relationship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through prayer, appreciation of the Sacraments, catechesis, understanding of mission, etc.
  • To empower parents as first educators of their children in the faith


Time commitment / expectations:

  • Full-time. TBD.


Resources available:

  • Faith formation budget
  • Church and parish hall facilities 
  • Internal infrastructure such as website and other communication, scheduling, and social media platforms 
  • Extensive formation opportunity with parish leaders 
  • CCO Faith Studies, Alpha Series


Experience / Skills / Qualifications:

  • University or College Degree in Theology/Ministry and/or experience in evangelization, catechesis or parish leadership
  • Keen understanding of Evangelization
  • Previous experience in catechetical activity 
  • Keen understanding of St. George’s Mission and Purpose
  • (Becoming a) Practicing Member of St. George’s
  • In good standing with the Catholic Church
  • Interpersonal and leadership skills, emotional intelligence
  • Deep understanding of Church teaching and tradition
  • Competency in computer and online applications, and ability to perfor administrative tasks
  • Ability to self-start and self-motivate
  • Ability to work with and build teams


Reports to:

  • Pastor
  • Mission and Discipleship Director 


Collaborates / Communicates with:

  • Operations Manager
  • Custodian
  • Parish Pastoral Council 
  • Ministry leaders 


Orientation / Training Available 

  • Extensive onboarding with Pastor, Operations Manager and Mission and Discipleship Director
  • Formation courses


Safe environment and code of conduct:

  • Conduct a reference check;
  • Request a Police Record Check and conduct a personal interview by the Parish Interview Team
  • Compete Diocesan Screening Process and sign the diocesan Code of Conduct


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