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POSITION: Retreat Leader


Job Purpose
FacetoFace Ministries is a professional and vibrant ministry based out of Saskatoon, SK. In this job, you will have the
unique opportunity to help grow and develop this incredible ministry alongside a fun, creative, and flexible staff.

The FacetoFace Retreat Leader is responsible for helping plan and facilitate FacetoFace events, such as School
Retreats, contracted events, Depths Retreats, and the United Conference, and be involved in summer programming.
A large portion of the Retreat Leader role is planning and facilitating the FacetoFace School Retreats with another
Retreat Leader.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities

FacetoFace Staff Member
The Retreat Leader will share the same vision and values to live out the FacetoFace culture.

  • Participating in the ministry’s office rhythms and meetings.
  • Adhering to the FacetoFace Policy Manual, including following the Diocese of Saskatoon Covenant of Care.
  • Establishing good relationships with ministry supporters, Dioceses, and other organizations.
  • Helping with other areas of the ministry to fulfill the overall vision.


Retreat Leader

Co-leading FacetoFace School Retreats

  • Creating and preparing the theme, detailed content, and supplies for each school year’s retreat.
  • Co-leading around 65 FacetoFace School Retreats across Western Canada each school year.
    • This includes travelling to different areas and spending the week there leading the retreats. A small
      travel stipend will be paid for each night away from home for work.
    • Retreat days include setting up, leading 5 sessions during the school day, and tear down.
    • Most of these retreats are for elementary schools, K-6 or K-8. Retreats are high energy, fun, with a
      clear simple gospel message to foster initial encounters with Jesus and positive faith experiences.

Assist in the leading of other FacetoFace Retreats and Events

  • Preparing for events as needed.
  • Helping lead other ministry events, such as the United Conference, weekend Retreats, FacetoFace Nights,
    Anchor Program, and WORD Bible Studies.

Helping facilitate FacetoFace summer programs

  • Taking on a leadership role at one of the summer programs, like Family Life Conference, Ignite, Ignite Junior,
    or Road Trip.
  • Involvement throughout the year in the planning and preparation of the summer programs.
  • Working with a team to facilitate the event(s) on-site.


Job Requirements & Qualifications
The Retreat Leader is to be spiritually and professionally apt to take on the excellence that FacetoFace Ministries
strives to achieve. The Retreat Leader is to have the gifts and calling to become a dedicated and long-term youth
ministry professional.

Applicant requirements:

Applicant must be willing to relocate if not already residing in Saskatoon. Relocation stipend available.

  • Due to Retreat Leaders needing to share hotel rooms with other male staff, this position is only open to
    male applicants.

Application qualifications:

  • Actively striving to grow in Christ-like character, including Sacramental life and consistent daily prayer.
  • A desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and a trusting reliance on God to yield the hoped-for results.
  • Experience leading retreats and doing ministry.
  • Lives out the FacetoFace values of humility, excellence, and Christ-centred relationships.
    • Teachable.
    • Ability to adapt easily and quick on their feet.
    • Excellent verbal communication skills.
    • Inspires youth to follow and respond through his words and actions.
    • Fosters teamwork: Works proficiently with a co-leader.
  • Adequate knowledge of, and ability to express, the teachings of the Church.
    • A base level knowledge of Catholicism is necessary, but formal theology education is not required.
  • Technologically apt and proficient with computers.
  • Creative and innovative.
  • Musical ability is an asset, but not required.

Working Conditions

  • Approximately 11 weeks (Monday to Friday) on the road leading School Retreats. Other evening and
    weekend events as required.
  • When not leading events, primarily working from the FacetoFace office in Saskatoon, SK.
    • Personal workstation provided in Retreat Leaders office.
  • When overtime occurs, time-in-lieu will be given.


Income, Hours, Benefits and Application Details


  • Employee will work 37.5 hours per week at a wage comparable to the Diocese of Saskatoon salary grid.
    • Detailed salary information can be provided upon request.
  • Employee will be paid a monthly salary.
  • Employee will receive a travel stipend of $50/night away from home when on the road leading events.



  • 3 weeks holidays/year based on full time hours.
  • After the three-month probationary period, the employee will have 50% of basic health and dental group
    benefits plan covered by FacetoFace Ministries.
  • Following the first year of employment, full time employees will join a 2% matching group savings plan.
    Application Details


JOB START DATE: Around July 23 or August 6, 2024.

Exact date to be determined.

  • Once your application is received, we will contact you to engage in a more detailed application process,
    including sending a video of you giving a talk.
  • After receiving the detailed application, eligible candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Email a cover letter and resume to Adelaide Quickfall at

Application Deadline: June 16, 2024

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