Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall


The Vice-Chancellor is appointed by the Archbishop to assist the Chancellor to take care that the acts of the curia are gathered, arranged and safeguarded in the archive of the curia. (cf. 482 §1) The Vice-Chancellor is also a notary and secretary of the curia. (c. 482 §3) The Vice-Chancellor assists the Chancellor in advising the Archbishop and Episcopal Council on matters of canon law, advising various sectors of the Diocese and supporting the work of various diocesan councils and committees. In carrying out these duties, this person will be expected to deal compassionately with people from every level of the Church, society and industry, frequently dealing with sensitive issues.


Assist the Chancellor in his responsibility for the gathering, preserving and accessing of all official documents related to the activity of the archdiocese.

  • Replies to various inquiries and disseminates information (verbally and in writing) to parishes, clergy, various organizations, government departments, colleagues and the general public.
  • Assist the Chancellor in his responsibility for the application of canon law in the archdiocese.
  • Assist in undersigning decrees signed by the Archbishop or other Ordinary attesting the document is authentic.
  • Assist in the creating of decrees and appointments at the request of the Archbishop, sending to parties involved and archiving a copy.
  • Assist in responding to calls/emails with canonical questions.
  • Under delegation from Archbishop assist in giving necessary dispensation and permissions for marriage and keeping records of delegation given.
  • Assist in responding to requests for decree of freedom to marry particularly for circumstances of lack of canonical form.
  • Researches various issues when requested.
  • Assist the Chancellor in his responsibility for the screening process of priests and deacons.
  • Assist in screening priests and deacons who come to work in the diocese.
  • Creating letters of good standing / celebrets for priests, deacons and lay people after verification of their standing and sending to requested destination.
  • Assist in overseeing that personnel files are current for priests and deacons working in the diocese and for those with faculties.
  • Assist in ensuring current contact information of priests working in the diocese and those with faculties.
  • Assist the Chancellor in performing various tasks as secretary / notary.
  • Assist in retention of contact information of parishes of the diocese.
  • Assist in gathering the annual parish reports and completing the annual report to the Vatican.
  • Help with gathering information for Ad limina report.
  • Perform such other responsibilities connected to Chancery, proposed by and agreed with the Chancellor or the Archbishop.


  • Bachelor’s degree in theology or a relevant discipline.
  • A JCL or JCD in canon law preferred.
  • Bilingual (English and French) fluent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Experience in interpreting and applying civil law.
  • Significant experience and proficiency with MS Office, particularly Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint and also of Adobe Acrobat Professional.
  • Must be of unimpaired reputation and above suspicion.
  • Knowledge of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Knowledge of office administration and procedures.
  • Detail-oriented team player with strong organizational, multi-tasking, problem solving and time management skills.
  • Tact, discretion, flexibility and diplomacy.
  • Ability to work in collaboration with others.
  • Enhanced Police Information Check (EPIC).


  • Permanent -Full-time – 37.5 hours per week.
  • 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday (including a 30-minutes unpaid lunch break).


  • Comprehensive benefit package from the first day.
  • Pension plan : Defined Contributions (after 6 months of continued employment).
  • Office closure during Christmas celebrations.
  • Overtime is paid or compensated upon prior approval.
  • Occasional telecommuting upon pre-approval of the line manager.
  • Casual work environment.
  • Free parking.

How to apply

Send a cover letter and resume indicating your name and the position title in the subject line of your email to

Application Deadline

May 24, 2024


Under section 24(1)(a) of the Ontario Human Rights Code, the Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall has the right to give preference in employment to Roman Catholic applicants.

It is a condition of hiring, and of continuing employment, that the employee adopt and maintain a lifestyle and course of conduct that is in conformity with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church on faith and morals.

The Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall will contact only candidates who are selected for further review.



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