Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall

Since the day of our baptism, we have become temples of the Spirit, where God makes his dwelling. As in the temple in Jerusalem on this third Sunday of Lent, perhaps we need a visit from Jesus to tidy things up? We accumulate so much in our lives. Sometimes the physical, emotional, or spiritual baggage becomes heavy, cumbersome, and painful to carry. It makes our relationships with God and our neighbor difficult. How can we build the Kingdom of God if our lives are not aligned with His?

Know that Jesus has our freedom at heart. Let’s open our heart to Him so He can have access to it. Come Lord Jesus, heal us, set us free, remove everything that prevents us from being in communion with you and your Father. May our home be a place of prayer, where peace and love reign. Give us the joy of the Gospel as we witness to our faith in you.

 Marcel Damphousse

Archbishop of Ottawa-Cornwall

Welcome to the Archdiocese

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