Marriage and our Contemporary Culture

No one is born in a vacuum, but into a particular culture.  That culture forms the human mind, especially in its thought process and language. Thus culture influences how we […]

Marriage Seen in the Joy of the Gospel

After the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops in October 2014, Pope Francis introduced us to his Apostolic Exhortation called Amoris Laetitia (AL): “Joy of Love” in 2016.  The heart of this exhortation proclaims […]

Perception vs Reality in Marriage Law

The very basis of the Marriage Tribunal, when petitioned by a party and supported by witnesses under oath, is to gather the factual evidence and scrutinize it under the microscopic […]

Marriage Consent

The Church in her legislation has always been cognizant of the sacred nature of marriage as a sacrament. To safeguard the common good of all who are involved in this […]

The Judicial Process

A marriage duly celebrated between two baptized persons is known as a “ratified” marriage; once it has been consummated, it cannot be dissolved by any human power. When a wedding […]

Divorce and Remarriage

Divorce and remarriage is a delicate and difficult subject for Catholics to deal with, because a Catholic marriage is seen as a sacrament, a source of divine grace. As a […]

Marriage Outside the Church

The Catholic Church is filled with sinners and She loves every member of Her community. We are the Church, the people of God, because of our baptism. In baptism, we […]

The Joy of Marriage

In the 1983 Code of Canon Law, the Legislator introduces a new explicitness to an important concept in marriage law; namely, that the marriage aims at, or “is ordered for”, […]