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The Catholic Church in Ottawa-Cornwall is made up of people who care deeply for the well-being of all its members and of those to whom they minister. Over the past decades, we have become more aware of the possibility of harm being done to those very people who stand most in need of our care and compassion. We hear Christ’s words: “Whatsoever you do to the least of mine, you do to me.” We respond to these words with a renewed commitment to ensuring that our parish communities will be known for their care of the vulnerable, their safety and their integrity.
It is in this spirit that the Archdiocese has developed a set of guidelines:
A. Managing Allegations of Sexual Abuse and of Sexual Assault
B. Care of Victims

Reporting Abuse and Misconduct

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Protocol and Procedures for Cases of Alleged Abuse and Misconduct by Clergy

The Archbishop’s office is directly responsible for the implementation of these guidelines. The Archbishop will ensure that these guidelines are well-known throughout the diocese and are continually kept in mind by the parishes, movements and individuals that make up the diocese. Each year, he will gather his staff to develop a plan for the pastoral year to ensure the continued formation necessary in this regard.

Canadian Reporting System

Sexual abuse or other sexual misconduct by a Bishop, or whose actions or omissions intended to interfere with or avoid civil investigations or canonical investigations regarding sexual abuse, can be reported to Church authorities using the Canadian Reporting System for Sexual Abuse or Cover-up by a Catholic Bishop. This reporting system uses a confidential and secure platform designed by ClearView, an independent professional ethics firm based in Canada, to transmit your report to the proper Church authorities, who in turn will act as required by church and civil law.

To report abuse, please call (613) 714-4669
or email